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Cementitious Dry Mixers

End Discharge Double Ribbon Agitator

Dry Cementitious material will usually have a bulk denisty from 70 to 100 pounds per cubic foot and will be very free flowing and dusty. The best mixer for this application is our Ultimate Duty line of Cementitious Dry Mixers built with our Double Ribbon Agitator. They are designed to mix material such as concrete, brick powder, grout, floor leveler, mortar, etc,. Our Mixers are available with a wide range of option to suit many different application. High Speed Choppers are used when powder coloring is included. The Choppers will break up small agglomerates to insure that the coloring is thoroughly mixed with the other ingredients.

Model UD-30 Ultimate Duty Batch Mixer built with two high speed choppers, center bottom outlet, high legs, double reduction chain drive and stuffing boxes. Please Contact us for more information and pricing (click to enlarge):

UD-10 Mixer with Two Choppers and High Legs

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